The Top 10 Activities That Are Most Helpful For Rest

The British did a survey of tens of thousands of people in 135 countries and asked everyone to select the top 10 activities that are most helpful for rest in their hearts. The results are very interesting:

for example:
The best self-care is rest;
With friends or family, not even in the top 10 of the rest;
Rest and relaxation ranked 1-5 are all activities that are alone;

This surprising ranking is:
10. Mindfulness
9. Watch TV
8. Fantasy
7. Take a bath
6. Take a walk
5. Do nothing in a daze
4. Listen to music
3. Alone
2. Walk into nature
1. Read

Is it the same as what you thought?

How to get rid of work, the pressure of life, how do take a deep rest, relax the brain, feel happy in body and mind, and re-energize?

Everyone is in this anxious time, heal yourself, refresh quickly. It's the best way for everyone to be kind to themselves.

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