Necklace Size Guide

 How long should my chain be?
Long story short: The chain you select will determine where on your body your name necklace sits, so think about the length that is right for you.

14 inches (35cm): fits closely around the neck
16 inches (40cm): the length is equivalent to the collar
18 inches (46cm): dropping to the position close to the collarbone
20 inches (50cm): dropping to the bottom of the collarbone
22 inches (55cm): close to the neckline
24 inches (60cm): dropping to the neckline

Please keep in mind that the chain lengths mentioned on the website do not include the length of the pendant. Most of our pendants run between 2 to 5 cm, so the total length of your customized jewelry will be the length of your selected chain plus the length of your name pendant.